Delicious food and warm hospitality.


K PLANNING Co.,Ltd. (Pure World Co.,Ltd. / Nanakai Co.,Ltd.)

K PLANNING Co.,Ltd., headquartered in Mito city, Ibaraki prefecture, serves delicious food with warm hospitality.

Expanded 9 stores mainly in Ibaraki prefecture, including tempura specialty restaurants, Italian restaurants,and ramen shops.

We prepare a space where you can dine with a wonderful smile.


Representative Hiroshi Kimijima, Company Executive President
Office 4015-4 Koibuchi, Mito City, Ibaraki 319-0323 Japan
TEL 029-257-0730
FAX 029-257-0731
Date of Establishment June 1oth, 2008
Business Content Restaurant Management, Food-Service Industry, Food Sales, Catering, Consultation Services, Sales Promotion Planning, etc.


Agetateya Ten (Tempura)

Our tempura specialty restaurants “Agetateya Ten” offering tempura at reasonable prices are located in Kawawadacho and Wataricho in Mito City.

H[aʃ] Table (Italian)

H[aʃ] Table is a casual Italian located in Hitachi City and Naka City. Please spend a relaxing time with us and forget the busy days for a while.

Genkiya (Ramen)

Genkiya meaning “Energy shop” serves ramen that incorporates ingredients that the body is pleased with, such as vegetables, sesame, garlic. We have this shop in Hitachinaka City.


Misono Marusho (Miso Ramen)

“One thousand-day miso ramen shop of passion and warmth” Misono Marushou stores are located in Godai & Sugaya, Naka City.


Resaturant Nanakai (Kaiseki & Varied Menu)

Located in the garden of Hitachi Heiwa Kinen Memorial Park, Restaurant Nanakai is surrounded by mountains and full of nature. Spend a memorable moment with us.


MENYA (Ramen, Udon, Soba)

MENYA serves various noodle menu such as ramen, udon, and soba. It’s simple and old-fashioned so you can enjoy the traditional Japanese taste. The shop is located in The Twin Ring Motegi Speedway.


Power Kitchen (Food Truck)

Power Kitchen is a food truck that offers K Planning Group cuisine. We go to places all around Japan and deliver tasty and warm dishes.

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